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Amy Fischer
Camden, Maine
(207) 236-0616


Amy created a whole new feel and look for my office. Amy is amazingly intuitive, energetic and capable.

She has an incredible color sense and spatial aptitude. She quickly rearranged everything in what seemed like a snap of her fingers and gave my office a sensible, comfortable layout and a fresh new appearance.


Amy helped me in my previous home with rearranging. With an imminent move to smaller quarters, she was able to figure out what pieces of furniture to keep, where they would go and how to arrange it all to make it feel just like home -familiar and pleasing.

Amy picked paint colors and carpet and flooring to tie it all together and bring it to life.

This is an art to “stage” a new home and make it all work so seamlessly.


Upon arrival at our house, Amy quickly figured out a program for updating several rooms that fit our requests and our budget. She selected appropriate colors to paint several rooms in our 1800s house.

She keenly helped select perfect fabrics to reupholster the LR furniture. It had to work with my existing, bold, colorful wallpaper, which was challenging to say the least. She adhered to our needs and was able to make simple and unexpected suggestions. She situated our eclectic art and collectibles and made everything fit together in an enhancing way. I am thrilled with the whole thing. It looks beautiful. Thank you for your good work. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of Voilà! Home Design!

In our second time around, Amy updated our kitchen. How you figured out this nifty new look we will never know. It’s now colorful and bright, warm and inviting, and such fun! We couldn’t be more pleased again with the results of Voilà! Home Design ideas and execution!


Thanks for helping Lisa and me see the possibilities for maximizing the comfort and utility of our small home. The variety of different layouts that Amy sketched for us (to scale, no less!) helped clarify your ideas. Further, a fresh set of eyes sheds light on a home’s organizational shortcomings.

Best, though, were your seemingly minor suggestions that had surprisingly big effects—I’m thinking specifically of your idea to repaint the mantle a lighter shade, which worked as advertised, and for a pittance.

When working within a budget, Amy’s service was the right choice to solve our problems.
Thanks for your enthusiastic assistance.


Amy, you are a whiz . . . we both love all the colors in all of the rooms. Voilà! Home Design is exactly what we needed a helping eye. I appreciate your follow-through as well.


To be in the presence of someone who is in the flow of their passion and skill is truly inspiring and contagious. This is what it was like to watch Amy Voilà! my living room. Her passion for rearranging is so infectious! Now I really like just being at home in my brand new space.


Voilà! It’s amazing! The same furniture, the same room–yet more welcoming and stylish. We’re thrilled.

Brunswick and Cushing

When I came downstairs this morning, I was struck again by what a great job you did with Voilà! In under four hours, you completely transformed the main spaces of the house, and we didn’t buy a single thing. Bill and I are both very impressed. You have made a great difference to our enjoyment of the house.


Five months later Amy walked into my house……“do you still like the Voilà! changes we made?”
When she entered the living room, nothing had changed. “I LOVE them”, I said, “can’t you tell!” Amy successfully jogged the status quo and reworked and revitalized our major living space. With complete authority, she woke up the colors, made sense of the furniture layout, and brought in a few new elements (old favorites) from other rooms. A couple of purchased accessories and Voilà! as she says upon completion. Amy has the unique ability to infuse her expert ideas with my family’s needs. I so look forward to our next project!


I have known Amy for quite a few years and often, if not always, when she enters a room, immediately begins to see ways to make improvements, whether with simple changes or something more substantial. It seems to be in her nature. And, fortunately for those of us who are friends and clients (and her clients seem to become her friends), we have benefited from her skills. I’ve heard many say, “Amy has a really good eye”. It’s true. She has helped me innumerable times choose paint colors, fabric for reupholstering, hang pictures and move furniture. All have enhanced my home in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. She is a talented interior designer, efficient, cost effective and fun!